Brisbane City Council Vows To Continue Recycling Program As Ipswich Pulls Out

Bris locals some of the greenest in Aus

Amy Drew

18 April 2018

Amy Drew

Article heading image for Brisbane City Council Vows To Continue Recycling Program As Ipswich Pulls Out

Brisbane City Council says it has no plans to scrap their recycling program, following an announcement from Ipswich City Council on Wednesday that all yellow-top bins will now be sent to landfill.

The move comes after recent contract negotiations with recycling contractors, where the council was told they would have to pay an extra $2 million annually for the recycling to continue, equating to a rate rise of up to 2 per cent.

The decision also follows China's recent ban on foreign waste imports, a service that Ipswich heavily relies on.

"For the last four weeks in the very least, we have not been able to meet the contractor's demands for reducing our contamination levels in recycling. And I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that the public have also lost faith in recycling," Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli told Sunrise on Thursday.

"The problem we have is that the new contract requirements are to pay some five times more what we were previously paying, and we need to protect our ratepayers from such a cost increase."

Brisbane City Councillor Peter Matic said Brisbane has one of the most successful and largest recycling programs in Australia, and they're committed to maintaining it.

"Our contamination levels are one of the lowest in Australia, in fact our contamination levels are only at 7 per cent, councils like Ipswich are significantly more. On top of that, 80 per cent of our recycling is actually processed here in Brisbane, we're not dependant on overseas markets," he said.


Matic said it's important to let Brisbane residents know that they're doing a fantastic job of separating their waste and saving the environment.

"Keep doing it. There are lots of little things we can continue to do to make t even better, like keeping soft plastics out of the recycling bin and when you're finished with your bottles and food items, make sure that you rinse them out before putting them in the bin."

"Simple things like that can make such an enormous difference and we'll keep our city clean, green and sustainable."




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