Boy, 3, Steps On Discarded Needle At Beach

Waiting for blood test results

7 December 2017

A three-year old boy and his family have an anxious wait ahead of them after the child stepped on a hypodermic needle hidden in the sand at a beach.

The child stepped on the needle on Sunday at Umina Beach.

His mother alerted the lifeguards, who disposed of the needle in a sharps container.

He was taken to the GP for blood test, and now faces a substantial delay in receiving the results.

HIV testing can take six months.

“It’s two days (wait) for some results and six months for HIV,” the mother said, reports

“It’s unlikely but it’s a worry you don’t want to have at the back of your mind all because of someone else’s stupidity.”

NSW Health has advised those who sustain needle stick injuries to stay calm and not squeeze the wound.

Wash the wound with soap and water, and allow it to bleed if it does so.


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