Boozy Easter Treats For You To Enjoy This Long Weekend!


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Tha Aviary/Ivy & Jack

The Easter long weekend is fast approaching, meaning there’s only a limited time left to capitalise on all the special festive-themed treats which have popped up around the city this month.

Two of these treats include The Aviary’s Eggspresso Martini 2.0 and Ivy & Jack’s Easter Crème Brûlée Cocktail!

Eggspresso Martini 2.0 - The Aviary

Available in three different flavours; The Classic, The Crème and The Spiced, until April 30th.

Where: 140 William St, Perth

Check it out:


Bonus: You can also accompany your Espresso Martini with this epic Hot Cross Bun dessert!

“Hot cross bun with toasted marshmallow, melting chocolate and vanilla bean ice-cream. Available at the Death by Chocolate Brunch, with an Eggspresso Martini and 2 hours free-flowing sparkling. Every Sunday in April.”

Easter Crème Brûlée Cocktail - Ivy & Jack

From Good Friday the 19th to Easter Sunday the 21st, Ivy & Jack is offering plenty of Easter treats and activities, from Kids Pancake Decorating to this delicious Easter Crème Brûlée Cocktail!

“Pair your Peach and Plum French Toast with our Easter Crème Brûlée Cocktail. Deliciously caramelised on top, just like the traditional dessert, but finished with a slice of peach.”

Where: 788 Hay Street, Perth

Check it out: 

Bonus: The Easter Bunny will be making appearances over the three days:  

Friday 19th April - 14.30pm

Saturday 20th April - 10.30pm

Sunday 21st April - 15.00pm

Happy Easter, everyone! 

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16 April 2019

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