Boost Are Putting Vegemite In Their Smoothies Now Because 'Straya!

A new flavour is coming!

3 June 2018

Article heading image for Boost Are Putting Vegemite In Their Smoothies Now Because 'Straya!

Here in Australia, we love Vegemite... we may not eat it all the time, but we do understand that it's a part of our national identity and that an Australia without Vegemite, wouldn't really be Australia.

We've seen the bitter spread added to a variety of different foods over the years including sausages, pies and chocolate and now, Boost Juice has decided to create the most Australian smoothie ever by adding Vegemite!

Image: Boost/Supplied

The new Vegemite Smoothie combines chocolate, dates, vanilla yoghurt, banana and a hint of Vegemite for an extra kick.

Claire Lauber, Managing Director of Boost Juice, admits that the smoothie is pretty whacky, but it still tastes good!

"Vegemite really is a quintessential Australian favourite that many of our customers grew up with.

"When we first thought of the idea for a Vegemite flavoured smoothie, we knew it was pretty out there. However, Vegemite, when combined with the chocolate, banana and dates, really is delicious.

"The flavour profile is actually very similar to slated caramel - with an awesome Aussie twist, of course!"

The Vegemite smoothie is one of three new smoothies that are featured in Boost's new Milk Bar Range which also features Cookies & Creme and Rocky Road flavoured smoothies!

What an adventure for your tastebuds!


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