Bondi Cluster Extends to New Zealand

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Two flights between Sydney and New Zealand have become Covid exposure sites after an infected person travelled across the ditch and back.

Passengers on a Qantas flight that left Sydney on Friday night and an Air New Zealand flight that returned from Wellington on Monday are now considered close contacts.

New Zealand has paused its travel bubble with NSW for at least 72 hours, and states have closed their borders to the Sydney cluster hotspots.

It comes as the current Bondi cluster stands at 21 with 10 new infections recorded in the past 24 hours.


Epidemiologist Mary Louise McLaws has told the ABC a lockdown for Sydney might be needed to contain the spread.

“Wearing masks no in public across the Greater Sydney is a good step, but we might even have to think about a stay-at-home order for a couple of days.”

A full list of exposure sites can be found at the NSW government health website.

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22 June 2021

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