Body Found In Kensington Bathtub Was Murdered Eight Months Earlier, Police Say

Police reveal more info

13 March 2018

Police say the body of a woman found dead in a Melbourne unit was murdered more than eight months earlier.

The body of Sarah Gatt, 40, was discovered in a Kensington unit on January 3, with police saying she died between April 20-24.

"Police believe the death of Sarah was covered up," Detective Inspector Tim Day told reporters on Tuesday.

Forensic evidence indicates a violent assault took place, and investigators believe efforts were made to conceal the mother-of-four's death and fool people into thinking she was still alive.

"Evidence from the scene and post-offence conduct indicate deliberate steps have been made to conceal her death and imply that she's still alive afterwards," Insp Day said.

If anyone has been told or heard a story about Ms Gatt being alive after April 20 it is "extremely important to the investigation", he added.



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