Bluewater Mum's Cancer Battle Gains Support Across NQ

Kellie needs treatment in America

Carley Whittington

23 April 2018

Carley Whittington

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Kellie Turner is facing a heavily expensive cancer treatment in America, and is receiving a lot of love right across North Queensland. 

Kellie's village of supporters have reached out and rallied together, with thousands in the bank for her already, but there's still more to go. 

"Last week on her 35th birthday her amazing husband surprised her with a tour of her much loved ‘Summer Bay’ set. One day later, a meeting with Charlie Teo would turn hers and our entire world upside down again. Her MRI has revealed that the remaining tumour is growing aggressively and is now triple in size in one area. It is behaving like a Grade 3 Oligodendroglioma," Kellie's sister in law Katrina wrote on Kellie's GoFundMe page. 

"Without surgery, Kellie’s life expectancy is shortened. So she has again made the brave decision to go ahead with the awake brain surgery to remove the tumour. The best chance she has at removing most of the tumour is under Dr Sughure in America. We have been in contact with him directly and he is available to perform the surgery on the 14th of May. The cost of the surgery alone is $130,000 (US)," Katrina explained. 

Numerous fundraisers have been organised by Kellie's loved ones to make sure she gets the treatment required, including a sold out Trivia Night. 

This weekend there will be a Scentsy Party in Mount Low, and if you're visiting Dal Santo's Deli in Ayr you can donate there too. 

You can try your luck with this raffle that has been organised, or donate directly to Kellie's GoFundMe page which has seen over $34,000 worth of donations in less than one week. 

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