Blissfully Unaware Sam Pang Roasts The Bachelor Couple

Has Sam been paying attention?

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As Bachelor couple Jimmy and Holly found out last night, nothing stings more than an unintentional roast.

Providing the roast was Sam Pang, the blissfully unaware panelist for Channel 10’s Have You Been Paying Attention, who must have skimmed the recap of The Bachelor’s final week.

Things started on an awkward note when Sam made a joke about the fragility of Bachelor couples, saying he gave Jimmy and Holly ‘three weeks, tops’ before they went their separate ways.

While the low-hanging fruit had been picked, it was what Sam said next that really made the couple wince.

While Ed Kavalee was informing his co-panelist about Jay, the contestant whose ex-boyfriend became NZ’s Bachelor, Sam interrupted, shouting 'but what’s that got to do with Jimmy and Brooke?'.

In a moment of confusion, Sam had mistaken Holly, who he was talking to, with Brooke, The Bachelor’s runner-up.

Have You Been Paying Attention’s host, Tom Gleisner, tried to alleviate some of the awkwardness by referring to Jimmy as Honey Badger, a prior Bachelor, but there was no recovering from the havoc Sam had set in motion.

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Nick Barrett

7 September 2021

Article by:

Nick Barrett

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