Black Widow Is Finally Getting Her Own Movie But It Took Way Too Long

It's about time Marvel!

11 January 2018

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After what feels like a million years, Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanov, is finally getting her own solo movie and honestly, how did this not happen earlier?

The Wrap has reported that Marvel Studios have enlisted the screenwriter of popular TV series Blacklist, to put together a script for the movie and we have a feeling that she's going to do an amazing job!


The screenwriter's name is Jac Schaeffer and she is very good at what she does, so good that she's also currently writing a film for Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson!

The character of Black Widow has been around since 2010, when she first appeared in Iron Man 2.

Since then, she has appeared in every Avengers movie, Captain America: The Winter Solider and Captain America: Civil War... so she's been In her collegue's stand-alone movies for eight years, but still hasn't been given her own until now?!

Marvel fans have been asking for a Black Widow movie for years now and it's about time the studios finally listened!


There's no release date for the film just yet, mainly because it's still in the VERY early stages of development, but at least now we know that there's definitely a movie coming!

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