Biosecurity SA Investigating Large Number Of Dead Birds In Lower Lakes Region

"Dying slow and painful deaths"

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20 December 2018

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An investigation is underway following the discovery of over 100 dead galahs near Lake Alexandrina.

Biosecurity SA is to perform tests on the birds, with an investigation launched into the cause of death.

Sarah Hope, a local woman in the area and a wildlife carer, has said that there has been a large number of dead birds appearing over the last few weeks.

Over 100 Galahs have been found dead or in the process of dying slow and painful deaths in the past 3 weeks around Lake Alexandrina in Milang, Clayton Bay and Tolderol. The deaths of Magpies, Pigeons, and a very large raptor have also been reported in Milang, while large numbers of Grass Parrots are being found dead at Currency Creek. If members of the public would like to report further deaths, in particular new locations, new species or different clinical signs or just concerns about the number of birds dying, please can they log these reports with the Murray Bridge NRM office, (08) 8532 9100. I am keen to hear about total numbers of birds affected, species affected and locations, so please feel free to email me updates.

- Sarah Hope

According to Ms Hope, the first birds appeared on November 28, with two galahs provided to a vet at the Primary Industries and Regions SA for testing.

The pathology report indicates significant congestion of organs, which commonly occurs with poisons/toxicity. I have reported it in our system as a suspected poisoning with 50 Galahs reported dead in the Milang township region, 27-30/11/2018. We do not normally follow up with toxicology – DEW on occasions decides to pay for this (rarely) but it is often a fishing exercise. They screen for >200 chemicals, in liver and crop contents (not much collected in this case) but it can be difficult to identify elevated levels. There were no infectious diseases detected.

- Primary Industries and Regions SA

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