Biggest Loser Star Shannan Ponton Reveals His Close Call With Death

He was so lucky!

Carly Heading

23 March 2017

Carly Heading

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Shannan Ponton is constantly saving lives on TV, but not too long ago, his wife actually saved his.

In fact, he was, “0.4mm away from death.”


Shannan has revealed to New Idea that he was on holidays with his wife in Bali back in 2010 when his wife noticed something strange.

He said, “Kylie noticed a mole at the top of my right leg, just under the crease of my bum, which she thought looked bad. I didn’t give it a second thought but she called my dad and got him to make me an appointment the day we landed.”

Shannan remembers that the mole was only tiny, maybe around half a centimeter, but his wife insisted that it didn’t look right. Kylie explained it as being, “brown with a few black spots in it.”


Thankfully when the couple landed back in Australia they took no risks and sadly, Shannan was diagnosed with melanoma.

Shannan added, “Lying on the bed being examined I felt such an idiot. I was tanned after sun-baking on holiday being checked for a possible melanoma.”

Once the biopsy came back as positive, he knew how serious it was, Shannan remembers, “The doctor didn’t downplay it. He said it was serious, but I was very lucky… The melanoma was 0.6mm deep. If it gets to 1mm it can be in your blood and you’re in all sorts of trouble.”


Thankfully the doctors got it all after Shannan had over a 15cm area cut away around the mole.

Image Credit: Channel 10/ Shannan Ponton Instagram

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