Bella Hadid Roughs Up Bodyguard Roughing Up Female Photographer

Go Bella!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

15 September 2017

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We’ve seen tales and tales of celeb bodyguards getting very protective (and doing their job) when it comes to paparazzi. 

But this time, one of the celebs has stepped in to make sure actions taken by security guards weren’t out of line. 

When leaving New York Fashion Week, Bella Hadid jumped to the defence of a female photographer who was being handled unfairly by one of her bodyguards. 

Refinery29 photographer Cris Fragkou found herself down on her knees after being pushed aside by a bodyguard, before Bella stepped in, grabbed the man and pushed him aside, yelling, “Can you please not touch her? Don’t touch her!.”


Cris spoke with Refinery29, saying, "I would have been able to get out of that situation either way but it’s the fact she acknowledged [that] her body is no more important than my body. Whether it’s a small photographer stuck in a crowd or Bella Hadid getting bothered by the paparazzi, we’re all equally important."

TMZ caught the incident on tape. 

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