Beauty & The Geek Is Returning With Sophie Monk As Host!

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After six years away from our screens, Beauty and the Geek Australia is finally returning with a brand new season!

Led by new host Sophie Monk, and on a new home at Channel Nine, Beauty and the Geek is scheduled for 2021 and will be created by the producers of Married at First Sight - so you know it’s going to be insane.

In case you need a little refresher, Beauty and the Geek sees a group of aesthetically beautiful people (who usually lean on their looks and confidence rather than intellect) partnered up with a group of classic ‘geeks’ who live the complete opposite way.

Over time, the pairs learn from each other and compete for a grand cash prize. In the past this prize has been $100,000, but we’ll see what this new series has in store for contestants!

"A show full of heart and humour that poses all the age-old questions about relationships: Do opposites attract, is beauty really in the eye of the beholder and do geeks rule the world? Beauty and the Geek will be hosted by self-proclaimed geek, the gorgeous Sophie Monk!" Channel Nine teased in their announce. 

We can’t wait to see Beauty and the Geek return in 2021!

Did you miss the show? Let us know any favourite moments you remember in our Facebook comments!

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Entertainment News Team

16 September 2020

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Entertainment News Team

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