Basin Plan debate re-ignites

Academics claim $4 billion wasted

6 February 2018

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A group of leading scientists have released a Declaration, calling for fundamental changes to the way the Murray Darling Basin Plan is administered.

According to the researchers, up to $4 billion has already been wasted on water recovery projects in the basin which haven’t achieved their intended environmental outcomes.

The meeting also called for an independent audit of all water recovery measures across the Basin as well as a new scientific body to advise governments on the implementation of the Federal Water Act.

The Murray Darling Basin Authority, Federal Government and National Irrigators Council have all spoken out against the claims.

Meantime, the Declaration has also been dismissed by the National Farmers Federation.

It says the comments are a stunt, and that the Basin Plan is too important to be used as a pawn by self-professed Basin experts looking for five minutes in the spotlight.

NFF Chief Tony Mahar has suggested less focus on headline-seeking, and more focus on getting the job done, implementing the Basin Plan in full and on time.


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