Barnaby Joyce's Controversial $150,000 Interview Will Air On Sunday

Calls for bans on paid interviews

28 May 2018

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The controversial $150,000 interview with Barnaby Joyce and his new partner Vikki Campion over the affair that destroyed his career and marriage will air this Sunday night.

"This is Ms Campion's first interview since details of her relationship with Mr Joyce were made public," the Seven Network's Sunday Night program tweeted.

Mr Joyce was forced to quit his leadership role when the scandal over his affair broke earlier this year. Ms Campion gave birth to their son Sebastian in April.

During the ordeal he famously insisted his affair was a “private matter”.

Cabinet minister Kelly O'Dwyer believes most Australians are "pretty disgusted" by Barnaby Joyce's decision to take payment for his story.

Ms O'Dwyer said she did not think serving politicians should ever put a price on being accountable to the public, and said Mr Joyce had made a mistake.

"Ultimately it's a matter for him and his judgement. I personally wouldn't do it, I don't think it's right, and I think most Australians are pretty disgusted by it," she told media.

The upcoming interview has prompted calls for a ban on serving politicians receiving cash for media comment.

The couple has sold their story, which includes the birth of a son, to Channel Seven's Sunday Night program.

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