Banned Footballer Taylor Walker Gives Emotional Speech To Fans

Walker: 'Got some work to do'

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Adelaide's Taylor Walker has to shared his faults after copping a six-game suspension for a racial slur at a state-league game.

With uncertainty surrounding his playing future, Walker understands he's "got some work to do" and how regaining trust within his family and football club will "take some time".

In an emotional speech, Walker explains he is seeking the road to repairing relationships within the Indigenous community wider football community.

"To me at the moment, playing is not my priority - it's repairing relationships with the people that I have hurt is my main priority," Walker told reporters on Thursday.

"I'm not here to talk about myself and my future. It's about what I do from here.

"I have got some work to do. I put my hand up and I own this and I'm going to go to work and do the best I can."

Walker has served half of his six-match ban after making the racist comment, he has pledged to pick up the shattered pieces.

"I hope I am not remembered for one remark," Walker said.

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27 August 2021

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