Bachie Faves, Georgia Love & Lee Elliott Ditch Their Wedding Plans


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It was back in 2016 when Georgia Love chose Lee Elliott in the final of the Bachelorette and we cried tears of joy (except for Matty J, but he eventually got his own happy ending).

Since then the pair have transitioned their on-screen love story, to everyday life and made us believe that true love does exist!

Last September the pair announced that they were engaged and we would soon see another Bachie wedding!

The wedding our Bachie faves were planning sound A-mazing, tying the knot in beautiful Italy in the summer of 2021. Yeah... that’s all been scrapped.

‘We figured there’s too many ‘what ifs’ in the world at the moment, there’s too many variables. Even if borders re-open up, even if we’re all fine to travel y then, even if Italy’s fine by then, we don’t want to put it on our family and friends that they have to find the money to do so in such uncertain times.’

- Georgia Love

There are worst things to happen in 2020, but I was so keen to see these two lovebirds tie the know it Italy. Never fear, they haven’t cancelled it, just made a few changes…

‘What was kind of a dream is now just a distant memory and we’ve gone back to the next natural step of Tasmania.’

- Georgia Love

Look, it’s not quite Italy, but it’s definitely making do with the current climate.

The Bachelor has given us some amazing love stories, and just some really insane moments, here are the top unforgettable moments:

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29 June 2020

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