Avo On Toast & Rosé Christmas Ornaments Exist For Us Broke Millennials


Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

12 November 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We all remember when, a few years back, some rich person tried to convince us that we were all going broke because we were buying smashed avo on toast wayyy too often, right?

Well, none of us listened and have continued to spend a small fortune on our avos, because avos are life and if we’re not going to be able to ever afford a home, we will damn well enjoy our avocados!

Obsession for avocados stated, we think you’re going to froth over these ‘avo on toast’ Christmas decorations from Urban Outfitters, to add that extra sparkle to your tree. 

They also have a Rosé Wine Glass Christmas Ornament, for those who love a little red in the afternoon… 

Images: Urban Outfitters

There’s a whole bunch you’ll fall in love with over at their site

Typo has also dropped a whole range of hilarious ornaments for us to drool over and we will definitely be hanging them all over our tree. 

Images: Typo 

You can find these beauties over at Typo HERE

Let’s all chuck tradition out of the window and make our trees truly… unique… this Christmas. 


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