Authorities Scrambling To Contain Two New Threats Of Covid

"We are not taking any chances"

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Authorities are working to contain two new Covid threats from spreading across Western Australia.

12 people onboard an oil and chemical tanker that docked in Fremantle has tested positive for the virus.

Authorities scrambling to contain two new Covid threats

Four of the crew members are now in hospital, and two of them have been transferred into the intensive care unit.

Premier Mark McGown has assured West Aussies there’s a low risk of transmission into the community.

“At this stage, it’s expected that all other crew members will remain in isolation on board the ship unless they need to be transferred for medical attention.”

Meanwhile, contact tracers are working to identify close contacts after an Australian diplomatic tested positive for the virus after flying from Serbia, via Dubai, and into Perth last week.

His family is currently isolating in hotel quarantine, and tracers have managed to identify four close contacts.

The Premier said that although authorities are working around the clock, and the risk is low, it demonstrates how quickly an outbreak can happen.

“We are not taking any chances. All precautions are being taken Western Australia has done so well for so long, but this show easily the Covid virus can come into our community.”

The State is on track to have 50 percent of eligible residents fully vaccinated by the end of this week.

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4 October 2021

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