Authorities Are Cracking Down On Pubs Short-Pouring Us

Nationwide crackdown

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Aussie pubs will be audited this week to make sure no drinkers are getting ripped off.

The National Measurement Institute has begun one-week blitz to crack down on “short pours” or inaccurate sized servings of alcohol at Australian bars and pubs.

“Australians should be able to feel confident they are getting what they pay for when buying drinks during a night out or Sunday lunch at the club,” the institute’s general manager for legal metrology Bill Loizides said in a statement. “While we recognise that most businesses want to do the right thing, there are penalties for businesses that breach the law.”

Venues who are found to be serving inaccurate pours can be fined $1050 per offence – with serious offences resulting in fines reaching $210,000 per offence for businesses and $42,000 for individuals.

20 August 2019

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