Australia's Getting Another New Dating Show But This One Looks Very Familiar

Haven't we seen this before!?

21 February 2018

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Another reality TV dating show is coming to Aussie screens - but this one looks pretty familiar.

The Seven Network announced today that they are launching an Aussie version of Take Me Out, a format which has aired in a number of countries and which you may know better as the Chinese dating show If You Are The One

Strangely enough however, this franchise actually started in Australia way back in 2008 as Taken Out. It lasted one season before being cancelled, and yet the rest of the world fell in love with it. So this is really an Aussie show!

In each episode thirty ladies are introduced to a series of eligible bachelors one at a time. The ladies each have a light that they control. If they like the guy in front of them, they leave their light on. If they don't like him, they turn it off. There's always plenty of cheeky banter and random on-stage antics from both the guys and girls. The aim of course is to find true love, but some guys do end up leaving alone.


The UK version of this show has really perfected the franchise. They added a spin-off show called The Gossip which followed the new couples on their romantic trip to the island of Fernandos. Sadly The Gossip has now been axed in the UK, but hopefully Channel 7 will bring that to Australia too!

If you'd like to look for love on Take Me Out Australia you can apply here

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