Australian Woman Shocked To Find Kookaburra For Sale In US Pet Shop

He's been there four years!

27 March 2019

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A kookaburra has been found for sale in a pet shop in Virginia, shocking the Australian woman who found it.

Wendy Davidson, an Australian woman living in Virginia in the US, heard rumours a pet shop had a kookaburra for sale for a whopping $1200.

When she went into the store to meet “Thunder” she was stunned to find he’s been living there for four years – since he was a chick.

“ I was a bit surprised, he was a long way from home. I took photos of him…and then when I got home  I literally couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t stop thinking about how wrong it was.”

So she started contacting authorities – an initially didn’t have much luck. 

The Australian Consulate General have filed a report to the Amercian Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Taronga Zoo in Australia were responsive online – suggesting she report the animal through the Wildlife Wilderness App.

But while it’s illegal to capture or export a Kookaburra in Australia, there are no local laws preventing the birds be kept as pets – and it’s unclear if he was imported into the USA or bred there.

A spokesperson for Sympio Wildlife Park near Wollongong told the ABC kookaburras were a common exotic pet in the US.

“You may simple find this is a 10th-generation captive bred bird whose ancestors were exported to the US many years ago before the laws were tightened,” they explained.

 As for Thunder’s fate? It’s unclear what is likely to happen but Wendy hope there’s a legal and safe solution for everyone involved.

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