Australian Man Dies After Scooter Crash In Thailand

Horrific injuries

10 April 2018

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A Perth man has died after a scooter accident in Thailand.

The incident happened on March 28, with Ben French, 36, later flown to Perth on a private medical flight for more treatment.

However, he sadly suffered two massive strokes within hours of arriving back in Australia.

The flight was paid for through an online funding campaign which raised $90,000 to bring him home.

He was taken to Royal Perth Hospital's intensive care unit.

Doctors had to remove parts of his skull to deal with the brain trauma, with injuries also reportedly to his spine and ribs.

Both of his lungs were punctured, but it was the brain infection turning septic which caused doctors most concern.

The family are currently facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills for his care in Thailand, including brain surgeries and blood transfusions.

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