Australian Government Commits $30 Million For Women's Health Funding

Great news!

Ellie Angel

9 April 2019

Ellie Angel

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Fantastic news for Women's Health in Australia especially those who battle Endometriosis and Ovarian Cancer.

The Government has announced a HUGE $30 Million as part of a National Women's Health Strategy 2020-2030. The good news is, this is already allocated and not an election promise!!!!

It will be going towards to major women's health issues in Australia - Endometriosis and Ovarian Cancer.

Here's the breakdown:

$9 million will fund research into early and accurate detection and treatment of Endometriosis. 1 in 10 Australian women struggle with this debilitating disease, many suffering in silence and going years without an official diagnosis.There is no cure. A chunk of funding will also go towards medical professional to understand more about this.  As someone who has battled Endo since I was 15 and having spent so many hours in doctors rooms and hospitals being dismissed for my pain, even being told it is 'all in my head', this is SUCH RELIEF that more education in the medical world is coming.

$1 million will go towards a "one-stop-shop" digital health platform for endo research and support. This will tap into patient feedback and promote research.

$20 million will go towards ovarian cancer prevention, detection and treatments.  Health Minister Greg Hunt said "early detection and finding a cure for ovarian cancer is priority". It has one of the worst survival rates of any cancer, with 57 of 100 women dying within five years of diagnosis.

What an incredible day for Women's Health in Australia and may this be the start of many things to come. 

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