Australia Receives Major Pfizer Boost Overnight

It's just the beginning

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Australia has received a much-needed boost to the vaccine rollout with half a million doses of Pfizer arriving on Sunday night.

This is just the beginning of a deal with the UK which will see an extra 4 million doses arrive on Australian shores over the next four weeks.

Australia receives major Pfizer boost overnight

The first 450,000 Pfizer vaccine doses arrived in Sydney with more appointments expected to start rolling out over the next few weeks.

Head of the vaccine rollout Lieutenant General John Frewen has told the ABC this deal will speed the vaccine rollout across Australia.

“This will be twice the mRNA we’re expecting to have this month, it’s around about the levels we were expecting to have in October. We’ve also got Moderna now, a million doses of modern turning up in a week or so.”

The country’s vaccine rollout had previously been slammed for a lack of supply for Australian’s willing to get the jab, Lieutenant General John Frewen says that is not the case anymore.

“Supply isn’t the great challenge now, it really is about people coming forward, and I really encourage everybody who hasn’t don’t so to get a booking and get vaccinated.”

The deal with the UK boosts Australia’s vaccine supply for the month of September to 10 million doses and will be distributed throughout the country on a per capita basis.

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5 September 2021

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