Australia Is Incredibly Confused By The Tracey & Dean Text Message Scandal

What happened on MAFS?

21 March 2018

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After approximately one hundred episodes and several thousand hours of screen time, Married At First Sight has finally ended for another year. 

The second part of the reunion episode recapped a lot of the drama of the season, and it was incredibly satisfying to finally see everyone's reactions to the Dean and Davina cheating scandal and the Boys Night. 

But there was one particular scandal that really grabbed Australia's attention. 

What was going on with the Tracey and Dean texting scandal?

(In case you've somehow missed everything, Tracey dumped Dean at their vow renewal and then ended up hooking up with Sean in the six weeks before the reunion.)

During the dinner party the night before, Dean had told Sean that Tracey still texted him regularly. When Sean brought it up with Tracey, she kind of brushed it all off. 

At the final reunion gathering, Dean again claimed that he and Tracey had been texting - but went even further and said that Tracey had been sending him ~sexy photos~. 


Tracey refused to engage in the conversation, which really confused viewers at home. Did the messages actually happen? Had Dean made it all up? Were the messages really meant for Sean!?


We may never know the answer... at least until tomorrow's round of media interviews when it will be addressed countless times!

In other MAFS news, Troy is moving to Melbourne to be with Carly, John and Melissa are handling the 90 minute drive from Altona to Mornington well and Telv and Sarah are madly in love. Strangely enough Patrick and Charlene had barely spoken since their positive vow renewal, but they promised to work on their relationship. 

Tracey And Sean Reveal All About Their Relationship

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