Australia Is Currently Experiencing An Avocado Shortage!

Not the avocados!

18 January 2018

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Well, it's finally happened. Australia is in the middle of an avocado shortage with cities now having to tell people that no, they can't have avocado smash because there is nothing to smash onto their toast.

Cafés and restaurants, in Queensland especially, are now having to pay $89 for a tray of avocados which is more than triple the amount they usually pay to have those delicious green fruits delivered.

But it's not just cafés paying the price, supermarkets are now having to charge customers $6 for just one avocado and so if you're not a fan of the ready-made avocado you can buy in a tube, you'll be forking out a whole lot more!


Kellie Jensen who owns Jensen’s Market Supplies on the Gold Coast and provides avocados to a variety of cafés, says that the shortage is simply due to the weather.

"We’re right at the end of the Hass (avocado) season and we’re crossing over into Shepard, and that’s where the supply has fallen short, the seasonal gap between those variety.

"The early Shepards are never great to start and they need to be handled correctly.

"I’d say there’s still going to be a number of weeks until the high prices recede and the quality is right."

Benjamin Sneddon says that he's had to start telling customers that his café Raw Espresso can no longer make avocado-based dishes and well, the customers have had mixed feelings about it...

"When (customers) get to the counter and see the ‘sorry, no avocado’ sign they’re speechless,

"They understand it’s not our fault but people are so attached to their avocado, they feel a little lost without it."


Man... this is troubling.

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