How To Get The Most Out Of Your Gift Cards

Yep, they do expire

Hit Newsroom

18 January 2018

Hit Newsroom

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If you received a gift card over Christmas there’s a strong chance you’ll never get around to using it, according to new research.

Victorians shoppers are the most likely to let unredeemed gift cards expire, with 16 per cent wasting an average of $47.

The research also found Queenslanders wasted the most, with 13 per cent failing to redeem an average of $94, followed by 13 per cent of WA shoppers who forget to claim $52 on average.

The survey also found 12 per cent of NSW shoppers waste an average of $39 each, while consumers from SA waste $52.

While it's easy for gift cards to fall between the cracks, editor-in-chief Angus Kidman said Aussies shouldn't let retailers take them for a free ride.

"Gift cards should go in your wallet straight away.  That way they won't get lost at the bottom of a drawer or thrown out with the envelope you received it in," he said.

"If you're prone to gift card amnesia, make a note in your calendar for a week before it's due to expire; that way you're reminded not to waste it.

"If you don't think you'll use the gift card try and swap it with a friend for some cash. Offer a $10 discount as an enticement."

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