Aussie Supermarkets Slash Costs Of Two Everyday Items By Up To 40 Percent

Egg prices go same way of milk prices

13 July 2017

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There's furore over free-range egg prices with farmers saying it will cost them and cause them to suffer the same way the dairy industry has.

The supermarket price wars have seen Coles, Woolworths and Aldi slash bread and milk prices to as low as $1-a-litre and now they are turning their attention to eggs.

Free-range egg sales now account for 40 per cent of grocery store purchases, double that of a decade ago.

The Victorian Farmers Federation has slammed the egg discounting, saying it will squeeze farmers’ profit margins and damage the viability of the industry.


Aldi has bitten back though, revealing it has absorbed the cost of reductions 'with no impact on the suppliers'.

Woolworths said it had worn its recent free range egg price reduction, rather than passing it on, and was also supporting farmers by bringing branded eggs into its 'prices dropped' campaign.

Werribee egg farmer Brian Ahmed says free-range is a very costly farming system and the supermarket ones are coming from mass production.

"Consumers have to understand if they want free-range eggs they have to pay for them," Ahmed says.

Coles said it was making free range eggs more affordable but when one step further in a scramble to get more shoppers.

It also announced yesterday that there would be price cuts to more than 30 bread varieties.

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