Aussie Shoppers Told To Stop Squeezing Avos In Supermarkets

Ease up

23 February 2018

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If you squeeze a minimum of three avocados before purchasing you’re not alone, according to new research.

Professor Daryl Joyce from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries found 97 per cent of Aussie shoppers will give multiple prospective avos a squeeze before heading to the checkouts, Queensland Country Life reports.

“It has been found that shoppers typically apply compression forces ranging from 3 to 30 Newtons (N) to firm-ripe avocado fruit when assessing ripeness,” he said.

“For context, a ‘slight’ thumb compression of 10 N applied to a firm-ripe fruit causes bruising to appear within 48 hours at 20 deg C.”

Avocados Australia chief executive John Tyas has urged shoppers to “test” fruit for ripeness, by only gently pressing the stem end of the fruit, reassuring customers they shouldn’t worry about if their avos aren’t ripe yet.

“Your store-bought avocado should ripen within a few days as the ripening process will have already begun,” he said.

“If you want to be sure, simply put the fruit in a bag with a banana

“However, if the fruit has already started to ripen this will not make it ripen any quicker.”

Professor Joyce said the study was conducted in collaboration with the University of Queensland and Avocados Australia.

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