Aussie Mum Makes $30,000 From The Leadership Spill With HILARIOUS Tote Bag

We NEED one!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

29 August 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

Article heading image for Aussie Mum Makes $30,000 From The Leadership Spill With HILARIOUS Tote Bag

The whole Leadership Spill over the last week really did all of our heads in. 

Peter Dutton challenged Malcolm Turnbull, then lost, then brought a whole lot of votes to the table to get him kicked out, then lost the vote for who will be the next PM to Scott Morrison

But while we were stuck in a state of confusion and frustration, one Aussie mum was jumping on an ingenious idea to make some serious moolah!

Meet Gwen Blake, who came up with an idea for a meme with her friend Annabel Crabb - a tote bag with “Ban the single use prime minister” written on it.


She thought it would be a funny meme for her followers to enjoy, but it turned into a whole lot more!

She spoke to Mamamia, revealing, “I was just chatting to Annabel, and because I work in retail packaging, the single-use plastic bag is very much in my world. Politics is very much in her world. We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be quite funny to combine them somehow?’.”

Luckily, Gwen had some great skills to call upon, because she has been designing packaging and branding for top brands like Nestle, through her company Boxer&Co

So, over the weekend, she decided to make this meme a reality!

She explained to Mamamia that, in one day, she created a new brand name and logo, set up an Etsy Shop, Insta and Facebook pages, and ordered 100 bags to make these beauties. 

By Sunday morning, 15 bags had already been sold and they kept coming!

“Normally, years ago, this would’ve taken months to do but because of technology I was able to do it on my iPhone and my laptop while making dinner."

"As the day went on I realised I wasn’t going to be left with any bags.

"I changed my order to 500, and by the end of Monday I was messaging the supplier and I asked 'how many have you got?'."

Thus far, she has sold around 1500 bags at $20 each!

Gwen’s ingenious idea and the speed with which she got everything up off the ground should be applauded!

Want one of these bags?

You can find them on her Etsy Store HERE


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