Aussie Fans Are Not Impressed With Survivor Contestant Zach

What has he been saying!?

10 August 2018

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Australian Survivor has found a very willing villain in personal trainer Zach. 

With US Survivor villain Russell exiting in the show's second episode, the producers needed to find a new baddie. And luckily for them, Zach was eager to team up with the boys and blame the girls for all of his tribe's problems. Fans have not been impressed with Zach's behaviour, with many of them outraged by his comments. 

Some of Zach's quotes include:

  • "I really need the girls to pick their game up. Our guys are somewhat competitive against their guys. The girls that they’ve got are all athletes, and then we’ve got graphic designers, and mums, and whatever the hell it is Paige does. I don’t even know."
  • "If it’s physical strength? Girl, no chance. But if we’re looking at, like, a dishwashing challenge? I might be in trouble."
  • "[The Champions] are all elite athletes they’ve all been training since they were kids. Now, I know you girls have been putting in some training at, like, F45 and stuff for like five weeks, but you can’t compare."

And fans on Twitter have had a lot to say about it. 


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