Aussie Aged Care Facilities Still Waiting on their Covid-19 Jab

Vaccine rollout delays

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison's office is under fire, for the sluggish rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine and a failed quarantine system, as Victoria gets locked-down again.

The fact that aged-care homes across the country remain un-vaccinated has not gone unmissed.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton told Nine, Australia does have a problem with complacency, stressing "it's important we get the jab".

"If you've seen the devastation of thousands of people a week dying then your rushing out to get the vaccination as a 60 or 70 year-old, here in Australia I think there is a level of complacency because people have said to themselves, you know it’s not here, we're not at risk, we're not going to get it, we'll just wait", he said.

Federal Government under fire over slow vaccine rollout

But Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has told the ABC, we've had 98 percent of aged care facilities vaccinated around the country, with delays only extending from gastro breakouts, or flu jabs. 

As of Thursday, 74 aged care facilities were still yet to receive their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

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27 May 2021

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