At Home COVID Tests Expected By Christmas


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At home COVID tests are expected to be available to Australian’s by Christmas.

The rapid antigen COVID tests are still being approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for at-home testing.

Health Minister Greg Hunt has said they aimed to have these approved and widely available to Australian’s by Christmas, if not well before.

At home COVID tests expected by Christmas

Epidemiologist Catherine Bennett has told Nine it would also be a safer way to contain suspected infections.

“Those rapid tests actually make more sense we’ve actually got a background rate of infection that people need to be monitoring and managing their own health and exposure. So there is that opportunity if you have symptoms to test at home, you don’t even necessarily have to go out if you’ve got cold and flu symptoms.”

The tests return a result within 10-15 minutes however they are not as accurate as the PCR used at hospitals and testing sites and have a high risk of delivering false positives and false negatives.

Catherine Bennett said, as a result, positive test results would need to head to a testing site for a follow-up PCR swab.

“To make sure people are using those testes properly understand what those test results are telling them, but at the same time, it is a really useful screening step in certain situations. So everyone won’t be screening every single day but there will be people either if you have symptoms or in risky situations.”

So far 33 different antigen tests have been approved by the TGA and are currently being used across a number of industries including aged care facilities and film and tv production teams.

At this stage the tests are not being sold to individuals, meaning that introduce at home Covid tests would require regulatory change.

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26 September 2021

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