Assaults Up Outside Sydney Lockout Precincts

First evidence on the effect of the laws

6 March 2017

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Placade during a protest against Sydney's controversial lockout laws Photo: GettyImages

Crime might be down in Kings Cross and the CBD, but new figures out today show assaults in areas just outside Sydney's lock-out zones are on the rise.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research study has found an increase of between 11.8% and 16.7% in those spillover areas, such as Newtown, Bondi, Coogee and Double Bay.

BOSCAR's latest analysis covers a longer time period, covering 61 months before and 32 months after the controversial laws were introduced.

In that time, non-domestic assaults in the Kings Cross and CBD precincts have fallen 48.7% and 12.6% respectively.

BOSCAR director Don Weatherburn says it shows the full effects of the lockout laws are yet to fully play out.

"It remains the case, however, that the decline in assaults in Kings Cross and the Sydney CBD is still much larger than the increase in assaults in the
displacement areas."

Racing Minister Paul Toole says the reduction in violence in Kings Cross and the CBD far outweighs the displacement of alcohol-related violence, with a net decrease of more than 600 incidents.

The Last Drinks Coalition says the figures show lockout laws need to be introduced state-wide.

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