Ask Tanya: The Ultimate Guide To The Grand Final

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Hi, I’m radio announcer, author, professional dancer and day drinker Tanya Hennessy. Welcome to my advice column, and I think you should always take life advice from someone who is braless, has their top on backwards and inside out whilst writing this.

I hate sport, how do I get into it?
Omg I also hate sport. I like to make up – in my own mind – what is going on.  At the grand final there is always fireworks, music and pies, so that’s something to look forward too. If you ever watch any sport – grand finals are the best because it's tense and full on. 

What’s the best snacks for the GF?  
Apricots, kale salad, boiled chicken … lol. Obvs HOTDOGS!! Bring back hotdogs. Whatever happened to people living for a hotdog?

My partner and I go for different teams… any ways to avoid fights post game?
Watch it in different states.

What’s better - going to the game or watching at home?
Can you watch the game pants-less, use a toilet without getting into a fight and get affordable alcohol without a line at the game, live? No. 

What are some ways to seem like I know what’s going on?
Yell things like come on boys, get around him… and take your cues from people around you. If they boo, you boo… if they cheer …you cheer. Just be clear on what team you are on. I yelled “GO KNIGHTS” one year and I was at the AFL.

My dad cried when his team lost last year, how do I avoid that kind of intense emotion?
Don’t. Let the man feel.

My kids love GF but they get so riled up… they yell and scream endlessly - what should I do?
Invest in a sound proof room. 

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Tanya Hennessy

26 September 2019

Article by:

Tanya Hennessy

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