Ask Tanya: How To Navigate The Spring Racing Carnival In Style

An unconventional guide to racing.

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Hi. I’m radio announcer, author, professional dancer and day drinker Tanya Hennessy.

Welcome to my advice column, and you should always take life advice from someone who is braless and has their top on backward and inside out whilst writing this.

How do I avoid influencers at the races?
You can’t, all race days are influencer conventions now. They just call them race days because rebranding is a bitch.

Is it okay to take your heels off?
Yes, as long as you have flats with you. It's more okay to take off your Spanx. Those things kill me, I swear whilst wearing them I coughed up my small intestine they were so tight. 

How can I win Fashions On The Field?
Follow the rules (wear gloves/felt or straw hat pending season) and make yourself known to the judges. Really linger close to them. Start the week before, follow them home from work, go to all their social events, turn up at their family birthday dinners. Watch them shower, monitor their calls… just the regular stuff.  You really need to do the ground work to win.

I don’t know how to bet, can you give me a cheat sheet?
Nope. I have no idea how to gamble. I also have no idea how to haggle, if the price is $15 I'll somehow end up paying $35.

What’s the best way to turn a day outfit to night?
If you last from the races to go out at night I’ll give you $40 and a wig I found.

My man wants to wear a fascinator, is that weird or cool?
I say that’s cool. What kind? What race day? I need more info on this… I need pics. 

Where can I get the best race day pics?
Try and get one with the horse whilst it's running.

Is it weird to dress up and just go to work?
People do this everywhere, and I just don’t get it. Why would you want to spend more time getting ready and wearing an amazing outfit only to be viewed and appreciated by Steven in accounts? I say no. At least have a work lunch at an RSL where some locals can appreciate your kaftan and manicure. 

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Tanya Hennessy

1 November 2019

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Tanya Hennessy

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