‘Arrow’ Babe Stephen Amell Slams Haters Who Say He’s Fat


Zoe P

22 June 2017

Zoe P

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Image: CW

People who must have extremely poor vision have commented on a recent photo snapped of Stephen Amell playing baseball and the Arrow actor is NOT having it! 

Taking to Twitter, the actor and father wrote:

"So I take two months off after working non stop from July 2014 through April 2017... one photo shows up on the internet…

"And people take to my timeline to poke fun at my stomach from a long lens photo. Who the sweet (expletive) do you think you're tweeting at?!

"For the record, I could step into the GA suit today & kick more ass then I did on Ninja Warrior. So take your shitty tweets elsewhere." 


So what is this picture that had people sooo concerned about Stephen’s weight? 

This. This is the picture:



"Where is my Oliver? He is not fat like that! you need to work it out!" was just one of the tweets written about Stephen. 

Of course, the best person to take the piss out of how ludicrous this all is would be Stephen's cousin Robbie Amell (who you will remember from The Duff).

Robbie replied to his cousin's tweets, joking "Fatty"

This banter then made Stephen upload a gym selfie to further make a point of how bangin' he truly is, and we are not complaining one bit... 


Stephen, you ain’t got to change a thing mate.

Also, there's this: 








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