Are these the streets you thought Baggs would be walking 50km for Sonny?

Stockton to Swansea ... Can he do it?

Taylor Foley-Zegiel

23 April 2018

Taylor Foley-Zegiel

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Nick, Jess & Simon

Simon Baggs will walk 50kms from Stockton to Swansea as well as kayak across Newcastle Harbour

Friday 13th April 

Start Line: Punt Road, Stockton @ 6am
Finish Line: Swansea McDonalds @ 3pm 

Sonny Mitchell Hodson is a 2 ½ year old little miracle from Charlestown, and to all reports was born a healthy boy… parents Sarah and Mitch became concerned at around 3 months of age when Sonny’s hands were tightly clenched and he was not grasping for objects. At 5 ½ months old, it was clear Sonny was not developing at the usual speed so he started physiotherapy and speech therapy. At 18 months old, Sonny was diagnosed with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome**. Most affected individuals are considered non-verbal and many do not walk or talk more than 10 words in their lifetime.

Sonny’s parents are determined not to let this condition define him, he is a happy, vibrant little boy… however to ensure Sonny can continue to develop, he needs an intensive therapy program at the Neurological and Physical Abilitation (NAPA) Centre in Sydney. The program is $10,000+ per 3-week session, and Sonny needs to complete 3 of these sessions per year.


Nick, Jess and Simon want to help relieve some of the financial stress on Sonny’s family by hosting the ‘Stockton to Swansea’. The breakfast show will be staying on air all day from 6am-4pm to support Simon and cheer him on to the finish line! 


We need YOUR help to make this a success for Sonny! Any donation big or small can be made by clicking on the link or by giving us a call at 02 4942 3333. For recognition on air during the walk, please ensure to reference “Hit106.9” on the Go Fund Me page!
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