Apple Have Made A HUGE Change To AirPods

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If you're a fan of Apple AirPods but find yourself lonely in your music listening walks, runs, gym sessions or in general, that's all about to change.

Apple have announce in their exciting update that we will soon be able to SHARE our favourite tunes with a friend! YES! Remember when you used to share earbuds? Well, welcome to 2019.

All you will have to do is get close to your pal and select the option on your phone and BAM you're both listening to the same thing.

The fun doesn't end there though, AirPods can now not only read message as notifications come in, but they will be able to respond to them, too!

'SiriKit' allows messages to be read out, a short pause will occur after it that then gives you the opportunity to respond without needing to prompt Siri to dictate your words. AMAZE.

This comes off the back of the news Apple are ditching iTunes - but don't stress, it's more of a streamlining process.

All of your music catalogue will movie to Apple Music (yes even the audio you ripped off your CDs) and the option to go to the iTunes Store will be available here.

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5 June 2019

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