Apparently We’re Only Meant To Eat Six Hot Chips In One Sitting

Lol no.

6 December 2018

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In absolutely shocking news, an academic from Harvard has declared that we should be limiting ourselves to only six fries or hot chips in one serving.

In an article published by The New York Times, nutrition scientist Professor Eric Rimm called potatoes “starch bombs”, and said they lack the compounds and nutrients found in green leafy vegetables.

A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition linked the high glycaemic index of potatoes to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Participants who ate fried potatoes two to three times a week were found to be unhealthier than those who didn’t.

Other experts chimed in, and agreed with Dr Rimm that we should be limiting our intake of fries and that six chips was the perfect amount to eat. This obviously shocked the world. 


Since that explosive article was published earlier this week, Dr Rimm has responded and said he won’t be changing his mind. 

“Am I really a monster?” Dr Rimm said to Vanity Fair. “A lot of tweeters in the U.K. and the U.S. act like I just caused a third world war!” 

He explained further why he chooses to limit himself to just six chips at a time. 

“What to do? Send them back? Certainly not, because once they are in front of you, and you smell and taste just one, you fall down the slippery slope. Fifteen minutes after the meal, I am reminded (again) by the feeling in my stomach why I shouldn’t eat a whole order and why I should have stopped at six.” 

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