Apparently This Is How Long Women *Actually* Want To Have Sex For

The numbers are in!

Lucy O'D

12 December 2017

Lucy O'D

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Hours, minutes, entire nights, mere seconds - you name it, over the years, that's been the rumoured time limit that us ladies enjoy doing the deed. 

Well, it's time to throw what you knew out the window because hard scientific facts are here to set things straight! 

A recent survey of 3836 people, conducted by, has revealed how long women really want to be having sex for. 

According to the data received, on average, women from around the globe would like to be having sex for 25 minutes and 51 seconds. 

Interestingly, men weren't far behind, with their ideal sexy time lasting for 25 minutes 43 seconds.


But alas, as many of us are aware, this is quite an unrealistic feat. 

Unfortunately, the survey also revealed that while both genders shared nearly the exact same preferred time for sex to last, men simply can't last that long. 

However, it did also find a spike in the duration of sex as we get older! The survey revealed that for Aussies, men reach their peak lasting time at 31-years-old: lasting on average for 16 minutes and 34 seconds. 



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