Apparently Drinking Six Cups Of Coffee A Day Is Good For Your Heart

Really, though?

20 April 2018

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Scientists have once again come through with the goods with a new piece of research that should please anyone with an "unhealthy" coffee habit.

A review of 11 international studies involving 360,000 participants has found that people at risk of cardiac arrest may actually benefit from drinking up to six coffees a day.

While the general consensus is that three coffees is the ideal, people with heart problems can drink up to twice that, lead author Professor Peter Kistler said.


Anything more than that is when issues like an abnormally beating heart can come into play.

"Coffee certainly increases your resting heart rate, but it doesn't cause an abnormal heartbeat," he told the Herald Sun.

"About 80 per cent of doctors will recommend people with palpitations stop drinking coffee, and about 25 per cent of people with palpitations attribute it to coffee.

"From a medical science perspective, none of the studies have actually shown that.

"In contrast, the most common arrhythmia actually seems to be reducing in regular coffee drinkers."


And that's not the only health benefit.

"If you look broadly, beyond heart rhythm problems, regular coffee drinkers are at lower risk of heart failure," Professor Kistler added.

"There is some evidence they may live longer and have better moods with lower rates of depression and stroke.

"Whichever way you look at it, coffee is a good thing."

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