Apparently Croc Heels Are A Thing & We Are Truly NOT Okay With It

What a Croc!!

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Crocs have pretty much always been the topic of fashion debate, with die-hard Croc fans swearing they are a timeless fashion statement, while the rest of us watch on in horror as some of our favourite celebrities not only don the famous Croc, but collaborate on custom styles. 

We're looking at you Justin... 

And you Post... 

And you Drew... 

Even Gene bloody Simmons is in on the action. 

Personally, I don't get it. I can totally relate to the comfort over style appeal of the shoe (as a passionate Ugg supporter myself), but when you attempt to mix high end fashion with a strictly casual style of shoe, I truly do begin to question what's happening to the fashon industry. 

Enter, Croc Stilettos... The shoe we truly do not need. 


Look, I get wearing crocs for comfort or practicality purposes but when you throw a stiletto on the back, the comfort over style belief system sort of becomes obsolete. 

The new style follows the announcement of a (non-essential) collaboration between fashion label Balenciaga and Crocs for the Spring 2022 collection. 

The companies decided it was necessary to create not one, but TWO new styles including the Croc stiletto and the Croc boot.

The boots we can probably wrap our heads around given they could also serve a practical purpose and would work pretty well as a 'classy' pair of gumboots, however, we are NOT okay with the stilettos.

We tolerated the KFC x Croc collab which gave us a chicken themed pair of Crocs with a scented chicken ornament on the front, but these stiletto Crocs truly do defeat the purpose. 

By all means, slip on your Crocs to pop down to the corner shop where no one will see you, or flick down the support strap when you're heading out for a hard day in the garden but these new Crocs surely serve absolutely no purpose. 

What do you think?

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Georgie Marr

11 June 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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