Another Thunderstorm's On Its Way

Plan Accordingly!

Emma Charlton

28 July 2017

Emma Charlton

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It took a while to get here but Adelaide is in the grips of winter.

We'll get a break from those stormy conditions that lashed the State yesterday but only for a day.

Tomorrow, strong winds and thunderstorms are likely to hit again as a storm front moves across SA.

And it's looking like much of the same for the 7 day forecast with showers on the radar.

Yesterday's brief storm saw power cut to 6,000 homes from midday, most in the south-western suburbs.

SA Power Networks got them back online a few hours later.

While two guys were struck by lightning on job sites.

One at a Franklin St construction site and another doing sewer works at Marion.

Both were taken to hospital for checks.

The storm front passed by about 5pm last night but is expected to return even more fierce on Saturday.

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