An Urgent Recall Has Been Issued On Mazda 3 Vehicles For Australia

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We think it's pretty safe to say that Mazdas are extremely popular across the whole of Australia.

They are famous for their small cars, that are extremely easy to get around in, but today an urgent recall has been issued with fears that the wheels could fall off.

The models impacted are those from the 2019 production year, which would’ve been sold nationally between April 8, 2019, and June 21 2019.

The company has stated that the defects are:

During manufacture, wheel studs may not have been fully seated. A small gap may exist between the wheel studs and the hub assembly.

Continued use of the vehicle may cause:

  • the wheel nuts to loosen
  • a knocking or clunking noise

The stability of the vehicle may be affected, increasing the risk of loss of vehicle control and potentially resulting in an accident injuring vehicle occupants and other road users.

They also stated that there are 3,323 of the 2019 Mazda 3 vehicles that will be affected.

Mazda Australia will contact all affected owners.

Owners will be advised to present their vehicle to their preferred Mazda Dealer to retention the front and rear wheel nuts at no charge.

Consumers who require further information should contact Mazda Customer Support on 1800 034 411.

To find out if your car is affected, you can also check out the full list here.

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Carly Heading

5 July 2019

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Carly Heading

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