Asking Mikki - The Interview You Never Asked For

I make my Sister-In-Law interview me

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"We literally never asked you to do this episode” – My three fans

Guys, guys, guys! Settle down! You BEGGED and I provided! You’re so blessed! An episode where YOU got to ask me questions! Yes! I know! I’m so famous! I didn’t want to do it, but as I said you were at me everyday with comments like “There are hot chicks in your area that want to meet up with you” and “Thanks for liking our page! Here’s a 10% discount code!” And I’m not stupid. I can read between the lines. I could tell you were itching for me to be interviewed!

And so I did it! Because I realised that although I’m an open book (TOO OPEN I hear you screaming) you guys know pretty much nothing about me. And honestly, I’m not that interesting. So there’s a good chance you’ll be disappointed as heck. But you may also be like “Oh, well that’s some interesting goss! And I’m nosey as heck so that is information I appreciate!” (If you’re anything like me this statement will resonate with you on a soul level).  So worst-case scenario you’ll have some goss to spread (Ha! I’m looking at you Every Person I Ever Went To School With).

I asked my Sister-In-Law to interview me because

  1. Tracey Grimshaw was unavailable (and she never replied to any of my emails, letters and pigeons I sent out.)
  2. She is one of the greatest people alive.
  3. I convinced her to do it by simply bribing her with a chai latte, future babysitting and saying things like “She is one of the greatest people alive” (See point number 2).

We spent most of the time laughing about how much of a loser I was at school and wondering how I wasn’t bullied mercilessly (See red bucket hat photo). But we also covered things like…

  • My drunk alter-ego (Spoiler: She slut-drops)
  • Whether or not I’ve ever dipped my toes in the lady pool (See: Drunk alter-ego)
  • Why I grew up in a family of five girls and zero boys (bar one gay-as-Christmas dog)
  • What happened to my missing fallopian tube (this is the kind of goss old school friends would LOVE)
  • Whether I had any infertility issues (Spoiler: Yes)
  • How I met Chris (No, it was not love at first swipe)


This episode had me in tears of laughter and I absolutely weed myself a little bit at some point. So download it now, have a listen, have a laugh, have a little wee and get excited for the goss of the century! (Ha! Mikaela, you’re not Beyoncé. Sit down).


29 October 2018

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