An Aussie Rocker May Have Just Confirmed She's On 'I'm A Celeb'!


6 January 2018

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If you're a fan of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, you may have seen the clues that were posted on Twitter a few weeks ago about who's heading into the jungle this year.

Now, people have been trying to figure out who those clues are pointing to but one celebrity may have just spilt the beans and revealed that she will be heading to South Africa to be on the show!

Remember the clue about the Aussie rocker?

Well, singer Jenny Morris posted the clue on her Instagram page after it had only been activated for a few weeks!


She also posted this picture promoting the show, which is pretty suspicious...


Now, generally, if a celebrity has created an Instagram account only a few weeks before a reality show is about to start, it's pretty obvious that they have made the account purely to promote it.

Stu Laundy is the perfect example of this.

Before he went on The Bachelorette, he didn't even have an Instagram!

But a week or two before he became an intruder, he created an Instagram account and added only three pictures before posting a bunch of photos from the show!

So... it looks like Jenny Morris just maybe our Aussie rocker!


How exciting!

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