An Aussie Has Created Water Infused With "Love" & "Rainbows" If That's Your Thing

The moon is there too.

12 January 2018

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If you've ever wanted your water infused with "love", "rainbows" and "the moon" then, well, a new Aussie brand seems to have the answer for you!

The latest wellness trend to hit Aussie shores is this new Frequency H20 water, an "alkaline spring water" that is becoming extremely popular around the country!

The water, as explained on its website, is "a fusion of science and art" and "harnesses the incredible natural alchemy of energised molecules in order to promote health, balance and harmony" in your body.


The beverage is, apparently, "alive with the pulsations of the Universe" and is sourced from North Queensland, where the water is so pure that there's no need for it to be micro purified.

It's infused with "solfreggio", which is a sound frequency used in sacred music, as well as other "sound and light frequencies" which, according to the website, "enlivens the molecules producing noticeable texture, softness and ultra-hydrating taste, feel and effect".

This sounds VERY interesting and honestly, we kind of want to try it because water that's been infused with sound is extremely intriguing.


There are three flavours of the water that you can purchase and they are Love, Lunar and Rainbow.

Each flavour has been infused at a different sound frequency with Lunar infused at 210.42Hz, Love infused at 528Hz and Rainbow at 430-770THz.

We didn't even know these things HAD a sound!

The water has become extremely popular across the country and we're wondering how we didn't know about this sooner?!

You can purchase this water online or in a variety of health food stores including Go Vita, but it will set you back $39.60, which is a reasonable price for sound-infused water, right?!


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