An Anti-Aging Gin Is Being Sold Now & Whether It Works Or Not, We Want Some!

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7 August 2018

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In 2018, we're all about health and wellness and whilst we know that drinking excess alcohol is bad, and we certainly don't condone it, when we DO decide to indulge in some alcoholic beverages, it would be nice if they had some skin benefits too.

Luckily, that kind of alcohol exists now... apparently.

British company Young In Spirit has created the world's first anti-aging gin called Collagin, obviously.

The spirit is rose-flavoured and contains notes of citrus, star anise and, of course, gin.


The company recently told The Daily Mail that they saw a gap in the beauty and alcohol markets and decided that it was their job to fill it:

“As we age, our collagen breaks down so drinking pure collagen helps keep our dermis youthful and resilient.

"The beauty world and the booze world are huge, so why not merge them and create a whole new world?”.

There are plenty of collagen-infused drinks on the market at the moment, including Young In Spirit's original gin, which they say has the simple gin taste that you know and love, but this particular Collagin takes things to a whole new level.


You can check out the beverage on the company's website here.

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